Private tours with guide (English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish) & transportation
Prices include entrance fees
Pick up from a hotel and drop off are included in the duration of the tour
In case of sightseeing program from harbours the parking fee is charged

The State Hermitage Museum is the pride of Russia. The glorified treasure trove is definitely the biggest vault of cultural and historic treasures. Obviously, no one is able to see all 3 mln items of priceless collection, but anyone may approach some of them to feel the greatness of art.

3,5 hours from 60,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)
Hermitage + Impressionists collection in General Staff Building, excl. time for lunch in between
4,5 hours from 72,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)
Hermitage + Impressionists collection in General Staff Building, incl. time for lunch in between
5,5 hours from 83,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress is the first and oldest landmark of Saint-Petersburg. The former fortification construction and prison is nowadays beloved recreation and cultural sight among the locals and the guests. Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the recognizable symbols of the city and also the Imperial tomb.

3 hours from 51,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

The other iconic sight of the city is Saint Isaak’s Cathedral which harmoniously combines the canon of church architectural traditions with the extensive paintings and decorations astonishing palace art admirers.

3 hours from 49,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

St.Petersburg’s city centre architecture reflects the variety of classicism, empire and modernist style. Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood unexpectedly catches an eye due to the brightly colored domes, brick patterns, tiaras and pilasters rising an association with the St.Basils’s Cathedral in Moscow. You wonder who let to break up the rigorous and majestic image with such a freestyle? The reason was unfortunately tragic. Alexander II the Liberator, the Emperor of Russia in 19 th century was murdered in a terrorist attack on this spot and The Church was build as a memorial to pay respect to one on the greatest Russian tsars.

3 hours from 49,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)
3,5 hours (incl. St.Isaac’s Cathedral) from 60,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Russian museum

Russian Museum is one of the world's largest art museums and perhaps the only one where such a full treasure of national culture is presented. It was founded by the last Emperor of Russia Nikolay II as a dedication to his father Alexander III.

3 hours from 52,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

City tour

A city bus tour or a walking tour is certainly the first itinerary what any visitor takes. It’s up to you to decide to take a double deck city bus tour or to get a private coach with a guide for laid-back city discovering, just don’t miss the first impression.

City sightseeing tour
3 hours from 43,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)
City tour incl. Peter and Paul Fortress
3,5 hours from 57,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)
City tour incl. St.Isaac’s Cathedral or the Church of Resurrection of Christ
3,5 hours from 55,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Faberge museum

The name of Carl Faberge who created his masterpieces at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries has turned to a household name. The works of his jewelry house were highly appreciated by the Imperial court and noble courts from Europe and America. The collectors have been chasing after them during the decades. For instance, Malcolm Forbes, the American millionaire, had gathered an impressive collection of Faberge Works. Russian businessman managed to buy the entire collection back from Forbes's heirs.

City tour & Faberge museum
3,5 hours from 122,00 EUR per person (min 2 persons)

Neva river & canal boat trips

Saint-Petersburg, the city on three dozen islands, is certainly associating with bridges. A drawbridge at the time of spectacular sunset or in soft lights of white nights has become the same city symbol as Eifel tower in Paris, Palace of Westminster in London or Colosseum in Rome. The variety of bridges, rivers and canals support the fame of Saint-Petersburg as “Venice of the north”, so we are sure a boat trip is a pleasant obligation to be performed during a summer visit.

Rent a boat for private use
Silver (max 6 persons) – 115,00 EUR per hour
Byzantium (max 10 persons) – 145,00 EUR per hour / day time rate 10.00 – 22.00
165,00 EUR per hour / night time rate 22.00 – 06.00

Imperial suburban residences at Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk

Palaces, pavilions, statues, alleys and flower-gardens are full of majesty and remind about the past era. Even trees have own history – there are some oaks planted at the time of St.Petersburg foundation. Capture the highlights of “Russian Versailles”, the kingdom of fountains, landscape parks and world known Amber chamber in imperial residence!

Peterhof (Grand Palace & park)
5 hours from 100,00 EUR pp (min 2 persons)
Pavlovsk (Palace & park)
5 hours from 78,00 EUR pp (min 2 persons)
Pushkin (Palace & park)
5 hours from 86,00 EUR pp (min 2 persons)
Pushkin and Pavlovsk (Palaces & parks)
6 hours from 110,00 EUR pp (min 2 persons)