The great city was founded by Peter the Great, the former capital of Russian Empire, "window on the West", but later the cradle of three revolutions and so called Northern Venice - these are the most known facts about one of the most beautiful cities in the world, our beloved Saint-Petersburg.

In fact all these statements are right, but we want our guest to see not only classics sights, but feel incredible the spirit with the locals’ help. The history of Russia is huge and started long before Saint-Petersburg was founded, though this city foundation caused remarkable changes in the further way of life.

Peter the Great named the city in honor of Saint Peter, the keeper of keys from the paradise by Holy Bible. It’s hard to believe that a paradise could spread out in the swap, but there were no limits for the tsar-reformer, who figured the new capital for his glorious land.

While the city has grown and developed, the historical monuments that draw visitors in time after time have remained the same, making for a sensational mix of old and new, classic and contemporary, timeless and vibrant.

We set the tour schedule to show the main spots of historical heritage without rush and our guests can feel how the past naturally flows to the present and will seamlessly integrate into the future city appearance.