Roof walking tour

The roof of the city buildings are as much sightseeing as the famous buildings themselves. Saint-Petersburg looks more picturesque and multifarious from bird's-eye view. Don’t believe those who say that there is nothing special in view from St.Isaak’s Cathedral colonnade or from a panoramic restaurant, this is lies! There is own intimate environment, where you can relax from megapolis fuss due to breath-taking views available only for a few.

Variety of options, duration from one hour - price from 30,00 EUR/person

Inner yards and entrance halls of old apartment houses

The old apartment houses are architectural and historical legacy for contemporaries. However, there are more stories inside the houses than the facades may show. What is hidden or secretly located? This tour is made to show fate of a monument, heart of an inner yard, a story of a street.

Duration 2 hours, price from 60,00 EUR/tour(2-3 persons)

Visit to a communal apartment

The term communal apartment (kommunalka) is a straight association with the Soviet epoch, thought the concept of many families living together in an apartment with lot of rooms appeared in the early 19th century. Notably such a kind of housing is still in use. During the tour you’ll hear the stories how large apartment houses were built and about communal apartment’s creation, who were the residents and what was their everyday life in there. You’ll see saved moldings, enfilades, fireplaces and other interesting details. And as a special benefit you’ll see a so called well-yard and a unique main staircase, what are old-time St.Petersburg residences are famous for.

duration 1,5 hour, price from 75,00 EUR/tour (2-3 persons)

Rasputin’s apartment

Grigory Rasputin was one of the mysterious man in Russia’s history. His apartment is a curious and surely unusual city sight.

duration 1,5 hour, price from 75,00 EUR/tour (2-3 persons)

Mystic St.Petersburg tour

Any big city has own myths and St.Petersburg is not an exception. Word is it was build on bones and has a mystical fame. Spirits, shadows, mystic characters, secrets and legends, mysteries and codes of St.Petersburg are the things you’ll be curious to know.

duration 2,5 hours by car, price from 120,00 EUR/tour (2-3 persons)

Subway highlights

Subway is a fascinating city space where urban culture, history, politics and goals of the country are reflected as an addition to it’s main task. St.Petersburg subway is one of the deepest one in the world and truly considered to be an architectural masterpiece.

duration 1,5 hour, price from 70,00 EUR/tour (2-3 persons)