What is the most astonishing art museum in the world? We know for sure it’s our The Hermitage Museum! If you try to see every gem of it’s rich collection, you’ll need at least 13 years, but don’t despair, we know the shortest way.

The Empress Catherine the Great launched the Hermitage’s collection with a treasure trove of paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael, van Dyck, Hals, Holbein, Titian and many more that dazzle us to this day.

The Hermitage Museum complex consists of five buildings (most famous is Winter Palace), so don’t eager to run it over for an hour, you have to be prepared for a five-hour marathon. However few of you take exams on the art history, so two or three hours accompanied by our educated guide is an appropriate time to be both amazed and pleased.

Breathtaking murals inside the cathedrals is our national heritage and no words are sufficient to describe the man-made beauty , it’s worth seeing with your own eyes.

Certainly must see are the world-class ballet, opera and classical concerts at the illustrious performance halls, and a slew of big-name music festivals over the summer months, and you won’t be stuck for cultural nourishment. Contemporary art is also available at the fantastic Erarta Museum, the Street Art Museum and in the buzzing gallery scene.

St. Petersburg has all the features for an unforgettable travel experience: rich history, lavish architecture, priceless museum collections, extraordinary cultural traditions and various nightlife.

Take our itinerary St.Petersburg classics, Diamonds are forever to get a cultural shock.