Our history briefly

  • In travel business since 2002
  • Two offices in the main Russian cities, Moscow and St.Petersburg
  • Highly professional friendly staff with wide experience

Our working style

The things we do are important for us first of all. We love to help people whether clients, colleagues or partners.

We do what we promise and never promise if there’s no chance to fulfill anything.

We work openhearted, with sense of humor and attentiveness. Actually that’s why people like us as a partners!

Our united team does all the best to aim the best results and provide best service.

We aim to exceed the financial goals and expectations of our clients.

Developing our skills daily we use successful travel management experiences, that maintains and extends the solid base.

We are forever in love with our city, join the club!

Tour to Saint-Petersburg was my fist one as a grown up person. First time I came here when I was teenager and felt in love with Saint-Petersburg, so I definitely decided to settle here.

I’m a happy person, because I’ve been living and working here for 20 years and I consider Saint-Petersburg as my native city.

I love traveling and have a plenty of favourite places all over the world, nevertheless there’s no comparison with the city on the Neva river, it’s music of my soul.

I want to share an inspiration of Saint-Petersburg, that you could find here own melodies in tune with your heart

Sincerely yours,
Irina Vaneeva
CEO Saimaa Travel