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Transfer airport Pulkovo - center or center - airport Pulkovo
Mercedes E-class for 1-3 persons and Mersedes V-class for 3-5 persons - 37,00 EUR
one way Mercedes Sprinter for 6-18 persons - 62,00 EUR one way

Rent a car with a driver

Minimal order is 4 hours
Mercedes E-class for 1-3 persons and Mersedes V-class for 3-5 persons - 18,00 EUR per hour
Mercedes Sprinter for 6-18 persons - 47,00 EUR per hour

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from 60 EUR

The State Hermitage Museum is the pride of Russia.

Peter and Paul Fortress
51 EUR

Peter and Paul Fortress is the first and oldest landmark of Saint-Petersburg.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral
49 EUR

The other iconic sight of the city is Saint Isaak’s Cathedral which harmoniously combines the canon of church architectural traditions with the extensive paintings and decorations astonishing palace art admirers.

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Roof walking
30 EUR

The roof of the city buildings are as much sightseeing as the famous buildings themselves.

inner yards and entrance halls of apartment houses
60 EUR

The old apartment houses are architectural and historical legacy for contemporaries.

visit to a communal apartment
75 EUR

The term communal apartment (kommunalka) is a straight association with the Soviet epoch, thought the concept of many families living together in an apartment with lot of rooms appeared in the early 19th century.

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